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I’m not about to comment but...

Monday, January 27, 2014
Elsa denounced those who posted hateful comments on social media after Gaby Sidibe’s appearance on the Golden Globes red carpet. AP PHOTO

I have been trying to avoid this topic like the flu. Some things in life I prefer to stay away from. 


But just like the sickies who sneeze all over you, dropping wads of Kleenex everywhere, or cough into your sandwich in the lunch room at work, the fashion police keep spilling on me about Gabourey Sidibe’s gown at the Golden Globes earlier this month.


The gown was beautiful, like a column of light. The actress, who made her name in her debut movie Precious, shimmered and smiled like the cat that got the canary and that hair updo was fierce. 


The comments about her dress on Twitter and Facebook were not kind, and involved such terms as “hot air balloon’’ and “inverted light bulb’.’


I have seen her look better. She dazzles in rich tones, such as electric blue, royal purple, emerald and red. 


Her skirts are full and luxurious, perfect for swishing regally down the red carpet, and the empire line bodices are elaborately embellished. She also kills in black, like the black, beaded, short-sleeved creation she rocked at the 2013 amfAR gala, which raises money for Aids research.