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Books to enjoy in pairs

Monday, January 27, 2014

Most readers relish a series and gravitate towards books by the same author because there’s something comforting about the feeling of familiarity a prolific author brings to the table. But here’s a novel idea: reading books in pairs. The following list features pairs of books that are related in some way. The juxtapositions provide a whole new level and meaning to the reading experience.      



1 The Guide by RK Narayan and The Mystic Masseur by VS Naipaul—Once you read Naipaul’s hilarious novel about a conniving holy man you will start to suspect that Naipaul was somehow creatively influenced by the modern Indian classic The Guide. Both books have questionable characters who use religion as a means to an end and then discover the consequences of their selfish actions. These two books fit together like a pair of gloves.



2 Moby Dick by Herman Melville and Ahab’s Wife by Sena J Naslund—If you’re up to the challenge, try Melville’s classic epic tale of revenge featuring Captain Ahab’s frantic search for the whale who maimed him. Then read Naslund’s beautiful book about Ahab’s wife who waits for her seafaring husband.