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Reviewing engineering education

Monday, January 27, 2014
Science and Society

The two institutions that offer engineering degrees at the baccalaureate level and above, are UWI and UTT. The Faculty of Engineering at the UWI, over a period of the past few decades, has instituted changes to its existing programmes and launched some new ones, in response to the perceived needs of the Caricom region which it serves. UTT is of more recent vintage and offered a set of programmes, the intent being to support the industrial development and economic diversification of T&T.


UWI inherited the classic British style education and thus emphasised engineering science. The programmes required a minimum of three years to complete with the standard honours classification. Initially, there was a common year one, followed by two years of specialisation.



It was felt that all engineers needed a common grounding in engineering fundamentals. Over the years however, under relentless pressure from the electrical and chemical disciplines, this common year one gave way to specialised training from term one, year one.