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Abolish Teaching Service Commission

Thursday, January 30, 2014

• Part Four

The education system’s clinical transformation, growth and development over the last 37 months have been clearly phenomenal. Significant initiatives, innovations and interventions at all levels of the education system have been rigorously pursued to raise standards, implement and incorporate leading regional and international practices. 


The education ministry and the Minister of Education’s work to date, has been applauded. But the excellent work is being severely stymied by the human resource management of the employees of the Ministry. In this respect, the Teaching Service Commission is inflicting great harm on the education system and the nation. Section 125 of the Constitution is at the centre of the dilemma: 


“(125) Subject to the provisions of this constitution, power to appoint persons to hold or act in public office in the teaching service established under the education act, including power to make appointments on promotion and transfer and to confirm appointments, and to remove and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices and to enforce standards of conduct on such officers shall vest in the Teaching Commission.”