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Police vs Beetham residents—again

Thursday, January 30, 2014

It is difficult to say at this time (Tuesday morning) whether the fires at the Beetham Landfill were deliberately or otherwise set. What is sure is that the mini-infernos caused much discomfort to thousands of people living or working in the capital city, not to mention hundreds of schoolchildren who had their classes suspended because of the incident. One source said it was not arson and other said it was deliberately set in retaliation by some residents over the shooting of another Beetham resident. 


Reports indicated that police said they were on patrol when a man began stoning their patrol vehicle. He refused to stop when ordered to do so. The residents claimed the young man was constantly being harassed by the police and the stoning continued although the law enforcers called on him to desist. Instead of obeying the lawmen he attacked them.


What has been carefully established, though, is that an incident did occur, and isn’t it strange that whenever a civilian is shot by the police, the residents always seem to know for sure the police were taking advantage of some poor Beetham person? However, when the police are injured nobody seems to know who the culprits are.