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Robert Village Hindu School—An Example

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Robert Village Hindu School, in the Tableland catchment, Southeast Trinidad, was established 50 years ago. The first principal was Chandreika Maharaj, a wellknown teacher and religious activist. When he retired as principal, Robert Village Hindu was recognised in the educational sector as a most successful primary school. Maharaj was credited with training a group of young teachers who became committed educators.



The Maha Sabha Education Board was impressed with Maharaj’s dedication and performance, and went on to name the school the Chandreika Maharaj, Robert Village Hindu School. On January 19, the school halls were filled with more than 600 parents, past pupils and well-wishers, as the school celebrated its golden jubilee—50 years of providing education to children from rural Trinidad.



Parents and teachers celebrated in typical Hindu fashion by inviting pundit Moonilal Maharaj from Chaguanas and pundit Ajay Maharaj to conduct puja and readings from the Hindu holy book, The Ramayan. The acting principal, Shoba Maharaj in a special 50thanniversary publication, spoke about the history and successes of this self-help venture into education: “This prestigious establishment has certainly produced many outstanding citizens, all of whom make contributions to the development of our twin-island republic.