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An error in judgment all around

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Yesterday the T&T Guardian reported that the deputy chairman of the Integrity Commission, Sebastian Ventour, had resigned from the commission in order to be sworn in as a judge for a day so that he could deliver outstanding judgments that were awaiting his attention. In order to be appointed a judge for a day, he had to resign his position on the Integrity Commission. So once again the commission continues to be the butt of jokes based on its track record.


In this particular instance, a deeper investigation is required to understand how this could have happened. In the first place, Justice Ventour would have known that he had outstanding judgments to deliver and one would assume that he made that fact known to President Carmona before he was appointed.


The President ought to have known that Justice Ventour would have to resign in order to deliver his outstanding judgments. Did the President nevertheless proceed with the appointment with the full knowledge that Justice Ventour would have to resign at some stage to ensure that justice could be delivered to those who had been waiting for his judgments since he retired from the bench?