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Let all chieftains act

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Okay, so we know there is a Kingdom of Moko Jumbies near to the equatorial belt just six miles from the South American continent. Maybe it is the location of this kingdom near the intersection of the north and south poles that disconnects the senses of the chieftains from reality. Maybe they are fighting too many fires sparked by equatorial heat and their brains are now fried, leaving citizens in doubt as to their ability to manage competently the affairs of the kingdom. 


One thing is for certain: this kingdom is not only suffering the ill effects of noxious landfill fires and oil spills, there is also an epidemic of foot-in-mouth disease, and too much chupidness going on at any one time to find equilibrium. It is a dizzying state worsened by increasing murders, juvenile delinquency, and rape of children, which is, ostensibly, a surprise to public chiefs.


For some time, governance has been strained. That does not mean a lot of good work is not happening, but the quality of mercy for citizens is also strained; otherwise they’ll not be subjected to constant psychological torment. It is an unfortunate situation because there are many attractive and redeeming attributes of the kingdom. High in its favour is the patience of citizens. Under siege by criminals, the king and his chieftains apparently do not appreciate the need for stability at the helm of the Police Service.