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The vulgar infliction that is the Queen’s Hall billboard

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The so obvious lack of a feel for the aesthetic in the conception and erection of the monstrosity of the billboard, marquee, sign (choose your designation) that now dominates the outside environment of Queen’s Hall is sadly reflective of the state of the soul of the nation.


It is this same banal lack of appreciation for what is beautiful and touches on that inner self that is responsible for at least five of the so-called Magnificent Seven, the glorious pieces of early 20th-century architecture lined up from QRC to Stollmeyer’s Castle, rotting away before our very eyes. 


This opaque corner of our soul, blocked from appreciating beauty, history and originality, is what has allowed succeeding governments, beginning with Manning’s People’s National Movement and continued in such a vulgar and uncaring manner by the present administration, to have relegated the President of the Republic to existing for more than ten years variously in servants’ quarters or jammed in an undignified manner into a set of townhouses while the President’s House lies in decay, perhaps beyond rehabilitation.