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I keep forgetting...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Note to self: do not leave tap running in unattended bathtub. 


A domestic disaster of watery characteristics befell me the other day. I am still a little soggy from it. Actually, all that water on the floor made me feel a little guilty because there are so many dry houses in dehydrated neighbourhoods where dusty, dessicated people go without moisture for days. The guilt wore off in about 3.5 seconds because I was much too busy ripping towels out of the cupboards above the dryer and stuffing them under doors to stanch the flood.


People have called me absent-minded. But of late, it has become almost a clinical diagnosis. Either that or poltergeists have been hiding my cell phone in the refrigerator and stealing the cutlery because I am down to one good dinner fork.


The flood which led to an unscheduled house cleaning was almost cause for strong drink because I got to wondering if I was coming down with that affliction which every woman over 35 fears—Turning Into One’s Mother. I think I could stand anything except that.