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Tempo from Ash Wednesday: Arima PNM backs Penny

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Opposition PNM senators gave PP senator Devant Maharaj a run for the money with constant commentary during his contribution to Tuesday’s debate on campaign finance reform. Jabs of PNM picong before Maharaj could complete his PP plugs regarding Government’s record on democratic systems. “We went to the polls with the THA...!” Maharaj declared. “And loss,” PNM Senator Camille Robinson-Regis observed before he could finish. “....We went to Chaguanas West by-election...” Maharaj replied. 


“And loss dat,” Robinson-Regis reminded, beating him to the punch. “We went to St Joseph by-election....” Maharaj again attempted. “And you lose dat too...” Opposition voices cut him off. 



Not that PP senators took it lying down. Senate President Timothy Hamel Smith eventually called time on the “din” (his word) resulting from the competing voices. But not before Maharaj got the last word in: “Only now dey (PNM) doing one man/one vote! We in UNC doing one man/one vote for 25 years. We’re not afraid of the people, we’re willing to stand up and be scrutinised,” Maharaj declared.