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Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Carnival 2014! Once again we meet, here, on the streets of T&T to celebrate Carnival. Today, we are truly, as Machel Montano would tell you, the happiest people alive. This small island is a privileged place  rooted in strong traditions that collide in the best way imaginable every Carnival.    


Jab molassies and dame lorraines remind us of our historical roots tied briefly to the ignoble act of slavery. Minstrels strumming on their banjos remind us of how many traditions we have borrowed from around the world—including the US—while moko jumbies trace their roots to Africa. We are a fiercely independent people. Our creative spirit soars. Witness some of the best soca songs that defined this Carnival: Machel Montano’s Happiest Man Alive and Yes, Machel, we are Haunted because it has been an Epic Carnival.


We propel ourselves forward, chipping, wining—even dragging our feet—down the road. One step at a time. Step by step we make it to our destination, the Savannah stage. Each Carnival is a journey. Each Carnival is proof of what we can accomplish creatively. We propel ourselves toward the future experimenting with samba rhythms, hip hop and pop blending with the scintillating rhythm of soca music.