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Make room for the steelband

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A roadway has been opened for the re-entry of the steelband into Carnival; however, if it is to be transformed into a superhighway with feeder roads leading in many directions, Pan Trinbago, the steelbands and the Ministry of Health, which opened up the possibilities with its sponsorship of a Carnival Monday night of pan, must co-operate and be an organic part of the evolving dynamics of the Carnival.


Contemplate for a moment the potential of 33 steelbands playing their way along Ariapita Avenue while thousands of those with the sound of pan written into their DNA and others drawn to the live steelband music swayed in one place or chip entranced and compelled by the sound of our musical gift to the world.


There was no verbal contention, no bottle-pelting, no coarse language and behaviours, no three-quarter-naked winer-girls and men vulgarising the space, while those who intruded with their monster electronic boxes were asked nicely to move on. To get a feel for the vibe, think of the melody and lyrics of Shadow’s Dingolay: (Steelband) “Music fills the world with happiness and togetherness, music has no friend or enemy, everybody could dingolay… dingolay… if yuh shoes buss up, old lady, young baby, everybody… music sweet.”