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Bring on the morality police

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SOS! T&T’s sense of morality and vulgarity are falling swiftly! Send for the morality police before there is a total collapse! Dear readers, this is my solution to the annual chorus of “vulgarity” and “immorality” that comes after the devil-induced (highly debatable) Carnival celebrations which perfunctorily end the reign of the Merry Monarch.


What’s unusual about this year’s condemnation of the masqueraders’ and some revellers’ unacceptable conduct was that it first emanated from the new kid on the block, Mayor of Port-of-Spain, Alderman Raymond Tim Kee, who could not wait for midnight Carnival Tuesday to pour scorn on this perennial blot on our national festival. Alderman Tim Kee did not mince his words as he vehemently condemned those women who go out of their way to incur the wrath of decent-minded citizens each year.


One thing is certain is that the city’s Chief Magistrate (an honorary title bestowed on His Worship the Mayor of the City) has made a powerful statement so soon in his stewardship and which has put him in the mould of a moral crusader, and one expects him not to pander to the will of sections of the community and make fluffy speeches to be politically correct.