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Life in London

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

London rocks! Wonderful weather, high blue skies, puffy white clouds and all, glorious warm sunshine and despite the brown-skinned trees bereft of leaves, bird song in the early day. 
Nights are cool, reminding me of quiet evenings in the Woodbrook of old. As I write this, coming up over the chim chim chim-in-ee pots and not the Laventille hills, is a big yellow moon.
This is an exciting city where, at least when it’s warm, any Trini feels at home. It’s cosmopolitan, different, big and full of people and things to do. Thursday dinner at the tavern around the corner.  
Friday the second-hand bookshops on Charing Cross and Piccadilly. Saturday, Fulham vs Newcastle in the Johnny Haynes stand, the oldest in England. 

Sunday, Secret Cinema with drinks and dancing with actors in the lobby of the refurbished “hotel” before seeing the movie, the Grand Budapest Hotel, upstairs in a converted loft. London covers around 700 square miles, which means it basically extends across one third of Trinidad, or from about Diego Martin to Couva and Carenage to Arima. It also has a population of approximately 7.7 million concentrated in that space. Transportation is a problem, papi, and people spend inordinate amounts of time travelling, which no doubt accounts for the sour faces of most of them on the underground—not that I could see any difference on the overground. 


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