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Handing over hard-earned $$ to bandits

Thursday, March 20, 2014

So many things are happening in this country today, and rapidly, that it makes it extremely difficult to write on any single topic at the expense of others which are equally thought-provoking and which have serious implications for us. At first I wanted to deal with Dr Rowley and other key PNM players’ admonition that non-PNMites should not get into the party’s business re the PNM’s first ever one-man-one-vote internal elections set for May 18.


I find it rather strange that the leaders of the party should tell us not to meddle, when the PNM has been coming to the electorate every five years since the first general election took place in 1956, and they have governed T&T non-stop until they lost office to the National Alliance for Reconstruction in 1986.



All the parties which are offering themselves to rule T&T at some time or the other must of necessity come under close scrutiny by the voters, and as far as I know the PNM is contesting the next general election, constitutionally due in 2015.


In fact as far as the PNM is concerned the party has already won next year’s poll, based on the utterances of the party’s spokespersons as a result of successes in other national elections last year. Eh?