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Hold people responsible for their actions

Monday, March 24, 2014

I continue to be disheartened by the Dog Control Amendment Bill in the Senate and the comments  made by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan regarding those who have advocated for an act which targets irresponsible dog owners rather than targeting certain dogs. Government had the opportunity here to create a law that would drive home a very important factor: people must be responsible for their actions. People deserve the right to feel safe from any dog—not just a few dog breeds or hybrid dogs like pit bulls. 


Those of us who have stood up against this act stand firm in our belief that people should be held accountable for their dogs. We believe that all people should have to secure their dogs properly. I believe there should be laws in place for animal abuse, and no one outside the police force should be allowed to do aggression training with dogs—not even private security companies. 


I am saddened and shocked that the AG said in one newspaper story: “Government would not be bullied on this matter because we stand firm in our conviction and commitment that this is an issue that requires immediate legislative intervention to protect the poor and defenceless from attacks by dangerous and vicious dogs.” We are people who care about a very serious problem. We are not bullies. We merely want a fair and workable piece of legislation.