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Violence a reflection of society

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No one should be surprised, alarmed, experience mental dissonance and disequilibrium because of the naked aggression and violent rage that have been displayed by teenage girls in the secondary school system; behaviours which are known to be almost chronic amongst groups of boys and young men. Why? Because the behaviours displayed on television through the use of the ubiquitous phone cams are indicative and reflective of what is happening at all levels of the society.


The present campaign to choose a political leader in the PNM is saturated with violent and coarse language. In times past, internal elections in the UNC have racked that party to the core and broken it into many factions by the recourse to violent language and intent. Basdeo Panday grew fond of saying that politics is about undeclared warfare.


National election campaigns are scandalous in thought, word and deed. They are saturated with allegations, parties and individuals charging each other for being drug dealers, worse than common bandits. In the present and not for the first time, a candidate for leadership of the People’s National Movement, Pennelope Beckles, has alleged there have been acts of violent intimidation against her and her campaign for leadership of the party.