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A Trini makes art in Grenada

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grenada Days 10



Trinidad-born artist Suelin Low Chew Tung has become an established artist here in Grenada. She has used her influence to bring into being an artist’s residency for a Haitian artist, Jean Renel Pierre-Louis. She met Pierre-Louis, who is known by the name Presnelo or just Nelo, at an art residency in Haiti last year. Since then she’s taken him under her wing. In February she fostered a collaborative art show around his work, and has since encouraged him to enter a filmmaking competition in T&T.


Nelo might come to T&T in April if Suelin Low Chew Tung gets her way; he’d be training for the Niherst Caribbean Science and Agriculture Film and Video Competition. Low Chew Tung resembles her brother, Michael “Ming” Low Chew Tung, the well-known T&T jazz musician and bandleader. She came to Grenada when she lost her job as an interior designer after the T&T dollar had been devalued a couple of times. Her mom was Grenadian. 


“I came across here for a break,” she said. A break turned into a life: she has been resident in Grenada for the better part of 26 years. She’s been a pharmacist, a shopkeeper, a desktop publishing designer. After Hurricane Ivan devastated Grenada in 2004, she became a full-time artist, which she always wanted to do. Her specialisation has been the traditional Grenadian carnival character the shortknee.