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Hypocrisy at play here?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Whew! Oh boy, shame and scandal in the United National Congress family. Just when people were assimilating the furore generated by cabinet ministers Glenn Ramadharsingh and Chandresh Sharma, we were subjected to a second alleged misdeed by these gentlemen. Well, I could be forgiven for paraphrasing the second line in this commentary, extracted from one of Lord Melody’s famous calypsoes, and paint the entire UNC for the alleged misconduct of the duo, but that wouldn’t be fair, would it?


However, I could not help but think about that kaiso in relation to the ongoing controversies involving the dismissed ministers, the main characters in this true-life, but sorry, melodrama. This thinking was also informed by the hypocritical posturing of politicians and pseudo-politicians, some of them eloquently described as the “radio gestapo” by Dr Morgan Job, whose sole purpose seems to be viciously attacking the PP administration for any real or perceived infractions on its part.


The underlying theme of all their contributions is the removal of the Government if possible, long before the constitutionally due date, sometime in 2015. But that is their democratic right. Again I am paraphrasing: all is fair in love and politics, and believe me, I cannot wait for the ball to be kicked off for the campaign of the 2015 polls.