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No vacation from reading

Monday, April 21, 2014

There’s nothing like a holiday within a holiday to drive a very important point home: When it comes to reading, there is a very small window of opportunity that opens for parents to nurture children who will develop into life-long readers. Miss that opportunity, and the window slams shut. It’s stuck. There’s little you can do to open it again.


It’s no surprise that thought would cross my mind on an Easter Monday that marks the end of Easter holidays for most students in T&T. My bet is that many children took a break from reading during this holiday. Many other children would not have seen this school vacation as an opportunity to pick up a book. If parents did their job right, then many other children—even teens—would have been reading during the holiday because their parents helped them to develop the discipline of reading. 


Those are the children who know that there is no vacation from reading. Reading is a habit that they simply can’t live without.