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Plugging the leak at the PCA

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Was Opposition Senator Faris Al Rawi truly acting in the public interest when he recently referred two controversial reports on the TT Police Service and the Police Complaints Authority in Parliament? If you ask him and his die-hard People’s National Movement supporters they would definitely agree in the affirmative but, from my reading of this scenario, I am yet to be convinced about the reason/s why he acted as he did.


And perhaps the main issue here in this sordid episode lies in the fact that a major security breach has been committed by persons known or unknown; because those who were responsible for its “leaking” know who they are, and government officials, including the Prime Minister we are told, were totally ignorant about the contents of both documents.


And this is what bothers me tremendously for it appears that like the controversy stirred up by the e-mail scandal of recent vintage, I cannot see in what way both cases served to benefit the growth of T&T, be it economic, social or whatever, except of course seeking to score political points no matter how minute that may be. Senator Al Rawi gave two explanations on how the reports came into his possession and I wish on behalf of all right-thinking people he would make up his mind on this score once and for all.