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PCA Chairman should step down

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It is amazing how matters of national interest can be so easily trampled upon and wasted away in the political gutter by some politicians and their allies. A recent example of this is the leakage of the Police Complaints Authority’s Report into the alleged flying squad. 



Knowledge of this report first got into the public domain when PNM Senator Faris Al-Rawi said, and I quote from Hansard, “I received a report this afternoon, Mr President, dealing with the police, coming from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, and the PCA, that is the Police Complaints Authority, legal team report, both dealing with the New Flying Squad Investigation Unit.”


He is quoted by the Express (13/04/14) as saying on another occasion that, “I did not receive the TTPS report or the PCA report into the new flying squad issue from either of those sources. I, in fact received them in an unmarked envelope left in my mailbox.” In a subsequent interview with CCN TV6 he said, “I did not receive those two reports from either the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service or the PCA that they were dropped off by an anonymous person, somebody I don’t know, in a brown paper envelope to my offices.”