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And now for some good news

Saturday, May 3, 2014

We are constantly bombarded with images of teenagers involved in deeply troubling behaviour. They are either exploring their sexuality on camera, or waging violent after school wars in the streets or even the classrooms. There are so many of these videos it is easy to believe that sex and general mayhem are the primary occupations of our teen population. 



This is of course not true, but these are the videos which, if shared enough, garner the attention of national news coverage and become the focal point of citizens’ unleashed ire mixed in with perverse voyeurism. There is no counterbalance to the prevailing content; nothing to match the furious pace of uploaded windows into the world of our degenerate youth cavorting in their rudderless existences. 



It can’t be for lack of positive strides being made in schools and homes across the country every day. A lack of interest is more likely the case. I received an e-mail from a  teacher at the Brazil Secondary School outlining the work of their Globe environmental club. The e-mail offered a Facebook page as credible evidence of young people doing positive things. The page chronicles the Globeclubs’ initiative, in particular the work of our secondary school students in serious environmental scientific inquiry.