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Seetahal’s murder a challenge for police

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Last week I promised to comment today on Tony Fraser’s column of two weeks ago about the country’s political culture, but because of the very sad passing of noted attorney Dana Seetahal, SC, I am forced to put off that piece until next week. As a result of the topic’s importance to society I don’t think it should be lost amid all the issues swirling around over the well-planned and executed assassination. 


It goes without saying that Ms Seetahal’s murder poses one of the most serious challenges facing the ladies and gentlemen (no sarcasm meant) of the T&T Police Service, especially its homicide branch. If they are able to solve this it would go some way in restoring confidence in the service, putting a different complexion to their abysmally low record of crime detection, particularly homicides, which is just above the ten per cent rate.


Unfortunately, up to yesterday morning the nation was not being assured that they are anywhere close to apprehending these brazen-faced murderers, and nor do we, the people, know for sure what was the motive for carrying out such a dastardly deed. What is strongly suspected is that she was not taken out by any of those boys (and some girls) who have been wiping out other citizens without any fear of the consequences. I would be very much surprised if it should turn out that way.