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Exams? Relax, have fun, you’ll be fine

Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh, the drudgery of revising for exams. I know it well, but I just don’t get it. I find revisions should be fun and entertaining—not a worrisome chore. Revising should refresh your memory and drive some salient points home without making anyone resent those last minute preparations. Here are some of my recommendations for CXC English Language and CXC History students who are on the challenging road of revisions. 


1. Kill two birds with one stone—CXC English Language and CXC English literature—with the book Julius Caesar in Jamaican English: Two patois versions of Shakespeare’s play by William Shakespeare and Liam Martin. Practise the CXC English Language requirement for translating creole into formal English while preparing for the required text for CXC Literature, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.


2. Read for half an hour every day to build reading comprehension and analytical skills while increasing reading speed—Everyone needs a break and a good book serves two purposes: a well-deserved break while building important skills. 


Most of my boys enjoy Upstate by Khalisha Buckhanon, the story of a young man in prison who is trying to maintain relationships outside of prison. I also suggest Trash by Andy Milligan, a high-interest/low-reading-level Young Adult mystery about two boys who find an invaluable object while they are working in a dump. Look around for some good short books to take the tension off while studying for exams.