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Putting the ‘facts’ on the table

Thursday, May 22, 2014

While musing over the opening angles of two possible topics for this week’s column on Tuesday evening, my attention was grabbed by the first item on the 7 pm television newscast—former PP government minister Herbert Volney, apologising to Attorney General Anand Ramlogan. What! I exclaimed. A politician publicly apologising to one of his former colleagues! And in public, in T&T? Well, as they say, I never see more yet.


I don’t know if the apology was induced by some court order, even though I do not suspect so, and after getting over my disbelief, I mulled over this rather unusual development, and wondered if it was the start of a new but welcome development by our political leaders. The humbling act was triggered by the controversial Section 34, which saw Volney saying all manner of uncomplimentary things about the government, especially Ramlogan, but now it turns out that he was being economical with the truth.


But credit must be given to Volney, for, as the maxim goes it takes a man to apologise, and for this he has earned some respect from me and those who are very circumspect about being factual with the things they do and say. For Ramlogan it must be a source of consolation, having borne the brunt of the criticisms in this matter, on which he has taken legal action, and we await the outcome of these litigations.