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The gear guys

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Bit Depth
Accvent’s Leonardo Lyescas touts the virtues of the Klip Extreme line of computing accessories to resellers at the Hyatt Regency last Thursday. PHOTO: MARK LYNDERSAY

I’m trying to figure out exactly what I’m doing here.


The attention of everyone in the room at the Hyatt is being held by Leonardo Lyescas, a master of the salesman’s patter, as he strides back and forth and down the aisle in the middle of the room, pointing out the advantages of gear from the accessory-maker Klip Extreme.


Behind him is the stunningly attractive Klip girl, a riveting beauty with cheekbones sculpted like sheer cliffs, in an equally startlingly tight leotard, who hands out samples of the company’s products while keeping a careful eye on their progress through the seated crowd.


Even as I’m wondering how I ended up in what’s obviously a sales pitch to resellers, I wonder about the women in the crowd, all serious and business-suited, several taking careful notes while Lyescas speaks, and what they think about the Klip girl and her colleagues, all beauties in leotards colour-keyed to the brands that are on show at the event.