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Battling criminals not ‘evil eye’

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Rev Daniel Teelucksingh needs to level with us and let us know if he is now pandering to those who believe in the paranormal, the supernatural or plain superstition. This as he last week boldly declared that an evil eye has cast its spell on our young children, referring to the very unfortunate circumstances in which a number of these youngsters lost their lives this year so far.


The Rev Teelucksingh, who earned my respect ever since he occupied an Independent seat in the Senate a good few years ago, had me almost falling off my seat when I took up the newspaper and saw this astonishing headline glancing back at me, I must say in a very menacing manner: “Evil eyes on our babies.”


At first I thought it was some believer in black magic, otherwise known as an obeahman, or some religious zealot who was not taking a practical view of certain real-life or fatal situations, but I was more than disturbed when on reading the first paragraph of the story I found it was my good friend who was pontificating in such terms.



I have interviewed him on several occasions, particularly in the recent past, when he did give me cogent and reasonable assessments of the crime problem we are facing today, so I was really taken aback that he should seek to cast the blame on these unseen or unheard evil forces or eyes.