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Avoid these dirty dozen fashion trends

Monday, June 30, 2014

EEK! I cringe when I think of some of the fashion faux pas I have committed in my idle and misspent youth. 


Did I really wear all that denim, and ankle socks with high heels? 


Ah well, we are all allowed a flub here and there—it shows an adventurous spirit. 


But when the fashion brokers try to make a trend out of just plain bad taste, I have to protest. Dresses over jeans; threadbare acid-wash jeans; butterfly hair clips; glitter eyeshadow; plastic sandals called “jellies” which were replaced by colourful crocs; cargo pants—please make it all stop.


Some trends are like comets—they light up the sky for a brief flash and then they are gone. 


Like the Bedazzler kits which folks used to cosquellerise every garment they owned.


We enjoy the excitement of silly, colourful trends, and then forget all about them, before reaching for the dependable classic tailored shirt and cute A-line skirt. 


Other trends are less friendly. And they tend to hang on, hook and claw, despite concerted efforts to make them shrivel up, die and burn in hell fire to all eternity.


Beware. Some trends exist only to give your children something to torment you about a few “selfies’’ from now.