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Peace and love

Monday, June 30, 2014
Tobago Peeps

At 7.45 am on Sunday all shops along the road to Castara are closed, with no signs of opening any time soon. Other than a handful of people seen along the way, I assume that everyone is either sleeping late or at church. I cruise along the winding roads toward my destination—rustic Castara Retreats, where I will teach a 9 am Kundalini Yoga class to a group of raw foodists on retreat.


I arrive an hour early. Some members of the group are relaxing, chatting, drinking green smoothies. They are from the UK, USA and France, with a UK-based facilitator, Gabi. Their faces are glowing, no doubt from a combination of sun, relaxation, fresh air and a few days of healthy raw eating. Having lived a raw vegan lifestyle myself, for one and a half years, I spend some of the pre-yoga time chatting with Gabi on the subject and hearing about what they have been doing in their workshops.


Steve, owner of Castara Retreats, appears, greets me and offers a glass of chilled green smoothie. I taste patchoi, maybe lime, the effervescent zing of ginger...and other less recognisable ingredients. My energy awakens with every sip of this green life force.