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Battle well and truly on

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The headline couldn’t be more ominous, “Soldier slain...30 bullets cut through lance corporal’s car”: page one of the T&T Guardian on Tuesday. Another sad tale of the horrific one-sided “war” being waged upon innocent citizens by the brazen-faced gunmen of Laventille, in which a member of the T&T Regiment, LC Kayode Thomas, was unceremoniously gunned down on the way to his mother’s Sunday night.


And so chalk up one more productive life being taken out, parents, relatives and friends of the relatively young soldier were left to mourn their loss while the murderous perpetrator/s somewhere in the crime-infested area safely settle back, callously enjoying their dastardly act without any fear of retribution, if the detection record of the police is anything to go by. For yet other occasion these monsters have struck, dealing their deathly blow to a soldier who the army said it was proud of, he being a respected member of the Defence Force.


Media reports did not give any reason for the slaying. If ever there was a one-sided war between the heavily-armed criminals roaming Laventille at will, that was a damning indication that the battle was well and truly on, and heaven help us all who are completely powerless to defend ourselves, our loved ones and our property. This is where the members of our protective services must rise to the occasion, and it makes no sense pretending that we are dealing with a bunch of children with toy guns that they play with at Christmas time.