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Destabilisation—spoiling for a fight

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Although PNM’s Marlene McDonald had warned PP members she wanted the lunch break for yesterday’s Parliament session at noon due to World Cup football, she didn’t get her wish.


Then, her colleague Terrence Deyalsingh was speaking, spoiling for a fight with PP senator, Bhoe Tewarie, on the Procurement bill. Tewarie had already risen to the earlier bait of PNM’s Colm Imbert and had soundly bouffed the PNM for initial reluctance to support the “corruption buster” bill, though PNM’s senators subsequently supported its passage.


Deyalsingh, unappreciative of the bawl-out by a non-elected senator, targeted Tewarie, calling for clarification on aspects of the bill.


Despite PNM’s support of the legislation in the Senate including lengthy committee stages where his colleagues meticulously dissected it and amendments were made, Deyalsingh was unconvinced—to the point of noting Tewarie’s pre-2010 concerns about T&T as a “failed state” and referencing him indirectly, “Chicken Little.....”


Outside of the Parliament, was an equally acrid display where New National Vision party leader Fuad Abu Bakr and colleagues were beating a bobolee wearing a yellow “Kamla 2010” jersey. They subsequently stripped it, labelled it “Rowley” and “PNM” and started licks all over again.


Beating up on the bobolee meant to denote T&T’s female leader, Bakr, son of Jamaat-al-Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr, telegraphed a literal translation of messages he issued to the Prime Minister, Thursday—a day when rumours of threats to the country’s stability including unrest in East Port-of-Spain created unease.