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The flap about VoIP

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Bit Depth
The Open Internet is under threat everywhere. Digicel’s decision to block some VoIP services brings that issue home to T&T. ILLUSTRATION BY BIG STOCK

Digicel T&T quietly dropped a bomb on Saturday morning, with a notice on its web site that “effective immediately, unlicensed VoIP services are blocked on its network.”


The company named four specific services which had, in fact, been blocked hours before, Tango, Viber, Nimbuzz and Fring.


Digicel had moved quickly after instituting the ban in Haiti barely two weeks before, moving on to Jamaica and over the weekend, T&T.


I posed four questions to the company’s communications manager, Penny Gomez, in the wake of that announcement, which notably left out more commonplace and well-known VoIP software in regular use in this country.


Is the list of services on Digicel’s web site conclusive and fulsome or will any “unlicensed” VoIP service be banned as well?