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Silent sustained reading programmes do help

Monday, July 7, 2014

Once July rolls around, you can bet I will be hounding you about holiday reading. The simple act of reading assures that students will return to school in September ahead of their peers, academically speaking. Reading is the foundation for all learning. 



As author Mary Leonhardt says, “The sophisticated skills demanded by high-level academic or professional work—the ability to understand multiple plots or complex issues, a sensitivity to tone, the expertise to know immediately what is crucial to a text and what can be skimmed—can be acquired only through years of avid reading.”


When we speak of holiday reading, we’re speaking of something called free, voluntary reading (FVR). This means reading because you choose to read. There are no restrictions, and you don’t have to finish a book. Of course, you are better off if you see the book through to the end.