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Slow down and taste the goodness

Monday, July 7, 2014
Tobago Peeps
Michelle Figeroux and Kirk Limsang, owners of “Trinmaican” Delights at Store Bay Local Road, Tobago.

Two women are walking by on the sidewalk, one of them colourfully dressed in a fluffy fluorescent green top. A man in a pickup truck parked near to the outdoor table where I sit calls out in a jovial tone: “You ladies going to the beach?”  I don’t hear what the woman in green’s friend says, but I assume it’s “No,”  because the man continues: “Oh, because I was just going to tell you it’s dangerous there and I would have to come with you.”


The women continue walking, he laughs good-naturedly and the truck drives off. 



The table at which I’m sitting is a work of recycling art. Made from wooden pallets and painted sparkling white, with a wrap around bench (also made from the pallets) it functions as an outdoor dining/liming table that seats about four people.



The pole of a canvas umbrella extends from the centre of the table offering me shade as I munch on a healthy, non-oily aloo pie filled with fresh cucumber chutney, followed by an equally healthy-tasting saheena split in half and filled with light chutney, followed by a delicious warm corn soup with provisions, pumpkin, some noodles and seasoning.