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The education of Elsa

Monday, July 14, 2014

I learned how to say hello to a horse last week.


This is what you should do: place the back of your hand under the horse’s nostrils and let him or her sniff your hand. That way the horse gets your scent, certifies you are a friendly beast, and won’t be startled by you sneaking up from behind or grabbing at other body parts before the formal introductions.


I got the free lesson at a children’s camp, called Healing With Horses, operated by Veronika and Lennon La Fortune, in Buccoo, Tobago, with the help of volunteers, some from Europe and North America. 


More on this life-altering experience another time. I am still recovering from all that fun and selflessness compressed into a few hours. 


Watching children, with physical and mental challenges, become assertive and confident on the back of a retired thoroughbred was the best new lesson in the continuing education of me. 


Here’s what else I learned last week in life tutorials which were considerably less sweet than the Buccoo recess: