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Sound bites from the mouths of babes

Monday, July 14, 2014
Tobago Peeps

As I write this, we are in week one of the fourth annual Healing with Horses Buccoo Integrated Summer Camp (July 7–18). Approximately 120 differently abled children aged six-12, rotating daily in small groups, experience each of the following activities: being with horses, art & costumes, drumming, pan, nature walks, creative cooking, creative gardening, choir, dance, adventure activities, joy of learning, acrobatics/circus, sports.


Below are transcriptions of some sound bites gathered with my audio recorder:  


Little boy: “Well, my plan is to … well, step one is to learn how to ride a horse, then get a horse and then ride the horse. But sometimes when I was on a horse with my instructor from Healing with Horses I forgot I was on a horse and I felt like I was flying just getting my balance and it was…wonderful. 


”And then I really like this horse…it’s my favourite horse. Its name is Zimbu and I helped him have a bath and he was the horse I was riding with my instructor…Yeah, so it was magical. I don’t think that if I…I would never have gotten that experience if I had never come to Healing with Horses…yeah” (Happy sigh)