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Assessment Centres a step in right direction

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I have repeatedly expressed my bias in favour of our women and children and shudder with horror whenever I see that they are being taken advantage of, be it at home, (women) on the job, outside of their abode, or anywhere for that matter. Women, because a woman brought me into this place, so naturally I pay homage to her (although I did not spend much of my childhood with my biological mom) and the rest of the fairer sex, be they a sister, aunt, grandma, niece or what have you.


Children, because we brought them into this space, and for the joy and sorrow (mainly the former) that they have brought us, we owe it to them and the creator to love them despite whatever shortcomings they may possess as we all traverse temporarily in this earthly life. I cannot, for the love of roti and goat and black pudding and hops bread, fathom how anyone in their right senses can think of beating, maiming and even killing their children or stepchildren, or men doing the same to their spouses.


Granted, some women are just as mean as their male counterparts and could inflict similar brutality on their menfolk and children. But if push comes to shove I will always bear allegiance to them and my sympathy would always be on their side. It is with this in mind that my attention was drawn to an Internet release announcing the establishment of the Assessment Centre to house children who have been victims of abuse and neglect and that it is scheduled to be opened within less than three months.