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Stop distasteful squabbling, ministers

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Over the last couple of weeks the differing roads being walked by ministers Gary Griffith and Anil Roberts have been revealed, first on the question of the Life Sport Programme, its funding, management and accountability. This week Mr Roberts demanded of the organisers of the Caribbean Premier League that they take the “T&T” out of the Red Steel T20 team.


But almost immediately that was done and the Red Steel managers conformed to the demand, Mr Griffith is reported to have walked into the situation and given the go-ahead to tournament sponsors to reattach the T&T brand to the Red Steel outfit. A man known for expressing his views loudly and vigorously, Mr Roberts says his colleague has no power to give any go-ahead of this nature. He further counter-claims that the Cabinet has given no authority for the reinstatement of the T&T brand.


But Mr Griffith’s rejoinder is that there was no need for a Cabinet decision to rescind Mr Roberts’ decision to take away the name, as Cabinet had nothing to do with that decision in the first place. According to Mr Griffith it was all Mr Roberts’ doing, and nothing to do with the Cabinet. Nevertheless, such open bickering between two members of Cabinet is unseemly at best.