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Why surrender to the merciless criminals?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I cannot help but repeat over and over again the admonishment the late calypsonian Maestro dropped on Trinbagonians some years ago when he sang his classic number Trinidadians Don’t Know What They Want. In that masterpiece of a composition he said that while we did not want Dr Williams, we were against Mr Panday and the late labour leader George Weekes, because we said they were left-leaning.


And anytime I see we are expressing similar and apparently confusing positions on national matters I always recall the bard’s chiding our psyche on these issues. And sadly, well not so much so as being damn angry, on this seemingly permanent blight or scourge that is the abominable crime scenario in our blessed land, I am forced to agree with Maestro on this crucial fact which is plaguing sections of our community today.


Undoubtedly if it is one thing we all agree on it is that criminal elements have virtually made life unbearable in sections of our communities and we all long for the day when the murder rate will drop to a level which could be acceptable even though one life taken by violent means is not something to rush home to happily tell Mummy about.