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It’s not macoing, it’s market research!

Monday, July 28, 2014

“How you watching the woman, so?’’ he sneered, though mildly amused.

“Oooh, nice dress. A kind of nautical, spiffy, classic effect,’’ I said, triumphantly, with a tilt of the left eyebrow that said, “What do you know?’’

This was at around 7.45 am in Port-of-Spain on Thursday morning. The traffic had slowed down helpfully, to allow me to gape. The object of my attention was a thirtysomething woman striding confidently along Independence Square. She was dressed in a crisp, short-sleeved vanilla dress with navy and red horizontal stripes; a navy jacket was folded over one arm. Her shoes were a taupe, low-impact snakeskin pattern (to avoid becoming matchy-matchy) and she carried a large taupe tote bag. 

If you are reading this, you are the recipient of the July Street Fashionista Award, which comes with one year’s free membership to the Elsa Fan Club. Hey, anybody who could pull off broad horizontal stripes without looking like a beach ball deserves an award of some kind.

“All you woman is something else, yes,’’ he continued. “You always checking out other women. From 30 feet away, you notice down to the pattern on the woman shoes.’’