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Roberts, Cabinet responsible for Life Sport corruption

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


The People’s Partnership Government receives a budget of $60 billion dollars from the Parliament to manage the country’s financial and social affairs for a year; the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance distribute the funds across ministries, but the ministers accept no responsibility for management of the funds in their portfolio. Isn’t that incredible? That the Minister of Sport, Anil Roberts, can be freed of all responsibility for the disorganised, dysfunctional and the criminally corrupt nature of the Life Sport programme, as found by the Audit Committee, is an “unresponsibility” impossible to contemplate. Further, it is completely at odds with the principle of Ministerial Responsibility under Westminster.

“This means that if waste, corruption or any other misbehaviour is found to have occurred within a ministry, the minister is responsible even if the minister had no knowledge of the actions. It is also possible for a minister to face criminal charges for malfeasance under their watch,” states an interpretation of Westminster. That unresponsibility is compounded by Minister Roberts’ claim of proud parentage of the programme to help “young black boys.” That notwithstanding, Roberts gives no operational attention to the programme.