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The vengeance of moko

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tony Fraser

Who put them so? What PNM goat mouth has struck the People’s Partnership Government during four years of being in power? Or maybe Kamla is suffering the consequences of what Bas may consider her neemakharamism, daring to take away from him the party he built and owned into perpetuity.

Journalist Ria Taitt has calculated that 20 ministers have departed in a variety of ways over the period; it must surely be the highest turnover of government ministers ever. What perfidy has benighted this regime which promised so much and had so much political currency at its disposal in May 2010 when a large percentage of the voting population gambled with Jack and Kamla to hang Manning’s bare deuce?

I confess to not having any deep insight into the workings of cultural high science, political voodoo, neemakharamism and the vengeance of Moko. However, I want to suggest a few more earthly, easily explainable reasons that could account for the dramatic loss of political ground by the PP within months of the population’s deciding it wanted to experiment with a political formula which could at least subdue the ethnic demons, reduce corruption and achieve quality governance.