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Companies need to have hurricane preparedness plans

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hurricanes are a particularly realistic threat in the Caribbean. For most years, it is not a question of if but rather when and where, and so companies need to have hurricane-preparedness plans. These plans should not only take into account reducing damage by the hurricane but also plan for the possible security consequences of events arising from the hurricane. 

The fortunate situation with hurricanes is that with the technology now available one usually gets adequate notice of a possible hurricane, with watches and warnings being issued in advance of the arrival of the storm. All businesses should be alert to any hurricane warnings and companies can sign up to receive e-mail alerts and SMS text message alerts. As such no company should be caught unaware of an impending storm. 

Once a hurricane warning is announced, all computers and small electrical equipment should be moved and stored in the securest areas of each office (defined as an area with no windows or few windows and a solid roof). Such equipment should also be covered with double plastic garbage bags to minimise the possibility of water damage and the bags taped tight. Equipment on the floor should be placed on desks to reduce the possibility of flooding damage, while equipment on high shelves should be placed lower down.