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AG’s office: Maharaj misleading the public

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Statement from counsel of the Attorney General in response to the July 27, Sunday Guardian opinion article: ‘AG restricts citizens’ access to High Court’ by Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj. 

Counsel appearing for the Attorney General in the hereinafter mentioned matter, Avory Sinanan SC, Donna Prowell and Richard Jagai, have read with deep concern an article published in the Sunday Guardian of July 27 under the rubric: ‘AG restricts citizens’ access to High Court’ under the byline of Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, SC, in which the author seeks to report and comment upon the decision made by the Honourable Justice Robin Mohammed on July 22, in High Court action CV 2014-01240 John Reginald Phelps Dumas versus the Attorney General.

Counsel representing the Attorney General have formed the view that the said article does not convey an accurate impression of the points articulated on behalf of the Attorney General and the basis therefore or the facts, matters and circumstances considered by the Honourable Justice Mohammed in arriving at his decision. Counsel accordingly feels compelled to correct the misinformation placed in the public domain and referes to the following matters:

• The putative author, a former attorney general who should be familiar with the function of the Office of the Attorney General in dealing with matters such as this, failed to disclose to the public that he was lead counsel appearing on behalf of the unsuccessful claimant.

Avory Sinanan, SC
Donna Prowell
Richard Jagai
(Counsel for the Attorney General)