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A constitutional LMFAO moment

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ordinarily I preface articles on politics with a disclaimer, that it’s not really my area, ergo...etc. However, the hysterical (crazy and funny) responses to the Government’s proposed constitutional amendments assure me I’m in no danger of sounding ignorant or uninformed. At worst, I’ll just sound like everyone else.

 The straw that broke my back was Dr Keith Rowley’s hilarious paid political broadcast last Friday. A memorable point was that the proposed two-term ban on prime ministers would have eliminated the Honourable, Wonderful, Unspeakably Brilliant Dr Eric Williams from serving 25 unbroken years as king. “And we all know who would be pleased with that,” said Dr Rowley. (Who? Me!)

But the main thrust was aimed at the “runoff” provision, whereby a candidate who did not secure 50 per cent of the votes cast in a constituency in a general election could not win. The two candidates with the two highest totals would be required to face the electorate a second time without other, vote-splitting candidates.