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Exploring runoff poll thrust

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What is motivating this push for the runoff poll is the question to be answered. Wanting to enhance the democracy to “give people a greater say” through a second vote is an argument that has not been adequately made, in fact it could be argued that it denies to the original voters their right of choice and seeks to force them in the runoff poll to support a party not of their choosing.

Therefore we have to look elsewhere for a far more convincing motivating force for the government fabricating and shoving down the throats of the population the runoff element of the Constitution Amendment Bill, the instigation for which did not come from the people.   

Convinced that they are on their way out of office because of political mismanagement, allegations of corruption and gross inefficiency and possibly more by ministers, and the build-up of deep distrust of its intentions by the electorate, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her cohorts attempted to give themselves big fat pensions to sustain them when they leave office.   

Caught out in that piece of slackness, the PP had to then turn to remaining in power by hook or crook. Why? Kicking the power habit is not easy, not only because of the psychological severity of the withdrawal symptoms, but for practical reasons. The financial and occupational rewards of being in power are widespread. Not many of the present crop of parliamentarians would have been more gainfully employed especially outside of ministerial office.