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Cell phones and children

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cell phones are everywhere and they are here to stay. In 2013, with the world’s population being just over seven billion (7,012, 000,000), there were nearly seven billion cell phones (6,800,000,000). In theory 97 per cent of the world’s citizens have a cell phone.

In practice, since many people have more than one phone, the figure is about 60 per cent and between 2013 and 2017, that figure is expected to rise to 70 per cent. That’s staggering. Of that, the global smartphone population surpassed the one billion mark in 2012 and has probably reached 1.75 billion this year.

According to one local source (compared to world statistics, it’s quite difficult to find this information on T&T—that figures: the less the public knows, the easier for us to be fooled), there are just over one million cell phones in use in T&T. 

This means we have a mobile phone penetration rate of 140 per cent. Apparently then, everyone in T&T, except small children and some octogenarians, has a cell phone and by the looks of it, is always on it. Three quarters of us use smart phones.

Mobile phones are here to stay. Everyone likes them. Everyone wants one and everyone has one. It does not seem likely that the use of cell phones will diminish.