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The Highway Re-route Movement’s final salvo, embodied in Dr Wayne Kublalsingh’s hunger strike, was an ideal opportunity to mount constructive debate on an issue of national importance. 

Regardless of where you stand on the Pt Fortin highway or Kublalsingh himself as torchbearer for the movement, this was the moment for citizens to engage in debate...

PNM chairman Franklin Khan’s opening statements at Wednesday’s PNM Macoya Divali celebration noted that Divali transcends politics. 

The use of illegal drugs for many people can start off as a curiosity, a false ideology of fun, having a good time, peer pressure among friends, the need to cover-up other problems within their life and/or a method of escape from reality.

Last week, the T&T Guardian ran an ad placed by Ross Advertising, and paid for by a possibly pro-highway and certainly pro-government group that tells us exactly what we are, as a people, and what our government is; and we are pretty firetrucking despicable and damned foolish; and our governm

To be or not to be…Carnival 2015. That’s the talking point for most Trinbagonians as we wrestle with one of the worst diseases to afflict the international community, Ebola. Not since the advent of the Aids pandemic has such a catastrophe generated so much debate globally as nations far and wide

Hindu “traditions” have formed the backbone of the Sanatanist Hindu way of life.

I told myself that I’d be there to support Wayne Kublalsingh’s second hunger strike, even if I disagreed with it as a strategy, because you don’t leave soldiers to fight on battlefields alone. 

Shame! Shame! Shame! The West Indies players who slunk out of the back door of the tour of India have heaped shame and disgrace on the glorious tradition of West Indies cricket. 

Sharing in the ignominy are the West Indies Players Association and the West Indies Cricket Board. 

Kim Johnson’s movie Pan! Our Musical Odyssey was one of the best-made Trini movies in a long time.

The days I spent in bed last week have confirmed my belief that radio in T&T is the pits. You know the saying, “a razor blade so low, when it fall, nothing could pass below?”  Radio in T&T lower than a razor blade.

The spotlight for the evening at La Cantina restaurant in Port-of-Spain last week was supposed to fall on Digicel’s new offering, Fibre to Business, a cable-based enhancement of its thriving Digicel Business initiatives.