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At the recent Divali Nagar, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar  related (in less than joyful tones) how she had to stand up in the Parliament and answer queries which Opposition MPs posed, in the new agenda format. She noted, however, MPs had agreed to it as part of the new Standing Orders.

 Accountability apart, the weekly Q&A has arisen...

I’m on my way out of this Sunday slot, so I’ve got a couple of rounds left to alert some of my most unexpected readers (people who accost me in the grocery or car park) that these ruminations of a Creole Jew can be found from next month, in the Thursday edition.

In political theories of social change like Marxism, understanding who the “lumpen” are and how cultures of dependency define them, provides one answer for why fundamental social change is so hard to achieve.

Mary King

For Caribbean business, telecoms is the biggest missed opportunity since independence. Irish-owned Digicel started operations in Jamaica in 2001. It pulled a trick most Caribbean companies only talk about.

I was the only “coloured” (yes that term is still awkwardly used in the UK. What does it mean? Aren’t we all colours of human?) person in the workshop of 12 writers in a creative writing course. It was our first class.

In more recent times, there has been considerable debate about the power of the Prime Minister to dissolve the Parliament which is contained in the Constitution.

How can a society break out from the shackles of divisiveness, prejudices and small-mindedness? How do we build upon unique strengths and establish new foundations upon which our civilisation will thrive more harmoniously than today? 

We just suffered through a period of excessive rainfall which endured for more than a week. The destructive effects of this seemingly interminable deluge were felt in several areas across the country. Flooding was rife in Central and South Trinidad, with many homes invaded by water.

Richard Smith
Lecturer, Caribbean Institute 
for Security and Public Safety 

Last month (October 27), Pope Francis told the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (a name, if not an organisation, that could have come straight out of an episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus or an issue of the Onion) that the Big Bang and evolution were not theory, but fact, but that these truths